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Announcement of 2018 Nagoya elements technology exhibition exhibition

From Wednesday, April 11, 2018 to Friday, April 13
10:00-18:00 (most whole day 17:00)

Port Messe Nagoya third exhibition pavilion small room No. 8-59

Display contents
Actual machine displays wide product line before Manually supporting dispensing process (UV, epoxy, grease, solder paste, heat radiation materials, 2 liquid mixing materials, moisture-proof materials, liquid gasket, 2 liquid heat radiation adhesive) in process of manufacture such as plane, motor parts and thread fastening, Bali collecting process reaching semiautomatic, Full Automation.
"Musashi of synthesis dispenser maker" will meet high precision dispense of every material which cannot be settled in dispense head of single structure.

・Full Automation coating machine "FCD1000"
・JET series latest model appearance! Ultrafast, micronon-contact dispensing dispensing "SuperJET"
・The highest peak of air pulse! Higher-speed cycle, super more minutely stable dispensing "SuperΣCMIII"
・High-speed non-contact dispensing system "solder jet" of solder paste
・Non-contact dispensing "parallel jet" variously high-speed with grease from angle
・[CIPG, FIPG correspondence] High precision mohnodispenser "MOHNOMASTER"
・[air-fuel ratio freedom of 2 humoral materials] "MEASURINGMASTER MPP-3"
・[new model] Model robot "CROSSMASTER" at right angles
・3D alignment function Equipped image recognition function dispensing system "350PCSmart" belonging to
・[simply! Thread fastening exclusive software MuDrive-adaptive] desk thread fastening robot

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