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News of 2018 JISSO PROTEC exhibition exhibition

From Wednesday, June 6, 2018 to 8th Friday
From 10:00 to 17:00
Number 7E-34 between the Tokyo Big Sight east 7 hall small

Display contents
For the field of Automative which approach to smartphone that it continues, and market expands, wearable terminal and automatic operative method accelerates, desire of super small amount precisely dispensing process increases for high-performance high-density parts specifications Equipped. For these, we meet by the latest dispensing technology as No. 1 synthesis dispenser manufacturer.
Including parts, we display a wide variety of products from Manually to semiautomatic, large Full Automation device.
Please see "the latest dispensing system" by all means.

We display the following products with demonstration, demonstration.
・[New development] Ultrafast, non-contact jet dispenser SUPERJET
・[3D ceiling] PUR-adaptive non-contact jet dispenser HOTMELT SUPERJET
・ [poly direction, multi-Dotting coating applicator] Parallel jet
・ [agent Highway JET dispensing to temporarily fasten] FAD2500SA
・ Frequent use, multipurpose Full Automation dispensing machine FAD2500
・ [conformal coating] Full Automation coating machine FCD1000
・ Non-contact sorudapesuto dispensing shisutemusoruda JET
・ Laser soldering equipment DISPENSE LASER MASTER
・ Dispensing image recognition desktop type dispensing robot 350PC Smart exact to work with distortion belonging to
・ In-line-adaptive motion unit cross master
・ [liquid gasket correspondence] mono-type dispenser MOHNOMASTER

In addition, as we display further new technology, new product, we have you arrive to our booth by all means, and please consult.

In addition, we hold PROTEC seminar by the following contents. Please participate in one which you introduce of latest dispensing technology trend.

<the seminar details>
The date: Friday, June 8 (the last day) from 15:00 to 16:00
Place: PROTEC seminar venue

Detailed page of JISSOPROTEC

In addition, please feel free to contact to our business base of neighborhood as you distribute letter of invitation from our business.