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News of 2018 FOOMA JAPAN exhibition exhibition

From Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to Friday, June 15 from 10:00 to 17:00

No.7P-02 between the Tokyo Big Sight east 7 hall small
Display contents
Suggestion of the 3D decorations creating high added value!
With demonstration, we display the following products.

・Fly chocolate, and pile up; "3D ornament molding system!"
・This is 3D printer? We pile up chocolate and make ornament.
・Confectionery only in the world! "Custom decorations system to confectionery"
・Character drawing system from the side to corn ice
・Pattern drawing system with tortoiseshell candy

In addition, as we display a lot of latest original food manufacturing systems, having interest, please arrive to our booth for efficiency in process of manufacture and high value-added sale by all means.

Detailed page of 2018 FOOMA JAPAN

Entrance application from this.

In addition, please feel free to contact to our business base of neighborhood as you distribute letter of invitation from our business.