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News of 2018 Nagoya nepukon exhibition

From Wednesday, September 5, 2018 to 7th Friday
It is 17:00 only on the last day for from 10:00 to 18:00
Port Messe Nagoya third exhibition pavilion booth No. 18-2

Display contents
We become advancement, high precision of automatic luck transformation technology including ADAS, LiDAR and meet in FA technology that we polished up in high precision dispensing technology and dispensing know-how that are the highest as synthesis maker of FA, dispenser for high dispensing demand in study development and production such as power device, MEMS around IoT which utilized smartphone wearable terminal, sensor which automatic motive that EV/PHV development advances to, development to 5G communication advance to.
Including exclusive dispensing head corresponding to sorudapesuto, heat radiation materials, grease, brazing-filler materials, flux, UV, 2 humoral hardening die material, moisture hardening die material, CIPG/FIPG, we display a wide variety of products from semiautomatic, nozzle to Full Automation device from Manually.
Please see "latest FA, dispensing system" by all means.

We display the following products with demonstration, demonstration.
・All automatic agents Highway dispensing machine "FAD2500SA" to temporarily fasten
・Full Automation multi-purpose dispensing machine "FAD2500"
・Full Automation Substrate coating machine "FCD1000"
・[new product] Ultrafast, non-contact dispenser "SUPERJET"
・[new product] High efficiency monodisupensa "MOHNOMASTER"
・[new product] In-line motion unit "CROSSMASTER"
・sorudapesuto-adaptive non-contact dispenser "SOLDERJET"
・Laser soldering equipment "DISPENSE LASER MASTER"
・High viscosity heat radiation materials dispensing system "SCREWMASTER"
・2 liquid heat radiation materials dispensing system "MEASURING MASTER"
・High speed, multi-Dotting dispensing system "Parallel JET"
・3D alignment function Desktop robot "350PCSmart" belonging to
・Multi-joint dispensing robot "ArmJET"

We have you arrive to our booth by all means, and please consult with dispensing process about person having problem.
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Prior registration from this.

In addition, please feel free to contact to our business base of neighborhood as you distribute letter of invitation from our business.