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News of 2018 Kansai elements technology exhibition exhibition

From Wednesday, October 3, 2018 to Friday, October 5
From 10:00 to 18:00 (most whole day 17:00)

INTEC's Osaka Building No. 4 No. 17-1

Display contents
Actual machine displays product line that shi rumano is wide in semiautomatic, Full Automation from Manually supporting process of dispensing process (sorudapesuto, heat radiation materials, moisture-proof materials, grease, liquid gasket, 2 liquid adhesive dispensing) in manufacturing such as smartphone, wearable terminal and plane, motor parts and thread fastening, Bali collecting as No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer. Please see "the latest dispensing system" by all means.

・JET series latest model appearance! Ultrafast, micronon-contact dispensing "SuperJET"
・In-line-adaptive motion unit "CROSSMASTER"
・High speed, multi-Dotting dispensing "parallel jet" to solid thing
・Dispensing system "350PCSmart" with 3D alignment function-based image recognition function
・Two fluid blending dispenser
・High precision, desktop type thread fastening robot
・Thread fastening exclusive software "MuDrive"
・Coating valve "CV-12"

Other than the above, please see "the latest FA, dispensing system" of Musashi who can suggest widely from Manually to semiautomatic, large Full Automation device including parts by all means.

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