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News of 2018 Suwa zone industry Messe exhibition

From Thursday, October 18, 2018 to 20th Saturday
09:30-16:30 (most whole day 16:00)

Number between the Lake Suwa event hall small: B-55

Display contents
We display dispenser system contributing to every dispensing process that we cannot solve by dispense system of single structure in production and assemblies such as electronic parts around Suwa area or Automative-related parts.

・[fusion of dispenser and robot] Multi-joint JET dispenser "ArmJet"
・[kosoku, non-contact dispensing of adhesive] General-purpose JET dispenser "AEROJET"
・[the highest peak of air-type dispenser] "SUPERΣCMIII"
・[complete 3D alignment dispensing] Dispensing system "350PCSmart" with PC control image recognition function (Compact-size cooling system Equipped)
・[industry-wide standard func] 2 liquid heat radiation adhesive dispensing system "MPP-3"
・[High rigidity Desktop robot] "SHOTMASTER-ΩX"

Other than the above, please see "the latest dispensing system" of Musashi who can suggest widely from Manually to semiautomatic, large Full Automation device including parts by all means.

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