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Announcement of 2019 nanotech exhibition exhibition

From Wednesday, January 30, 2019 to Friday, February 1
Tokyo Big Sight east 5 hall booth No.5F-10

Display contents
We will suggest wide product line supporting research and development of super small amount dispensing domain from Manually supporting super small amount dispensing processes such as electronics, Automative, Biotechnology, solder paste in application field of various nanotechnology including medical care, heat radiation materials, grease, 2 humoral adhesive as No. 1 dispenser manufacturer to semiautomatic, Full Automation.
Please see "dispensing system high-speed the highest super small amount" by all means.

We will display the following products with demonstration, demonstration.
・[smallest RBI diameter about 50μm] Needle-type dispensing system NEEDLE SPOTTER 350PC (dispensing sample display)
・[the highest peak of hiteki] Ultrafast, microjet dispenser SuperJET
・[the air-type highest peak] Fully digital control dispenser SuperΣCMIII
・[original technique] Multidirectional multi-Dotting coating applicator parallel jet
・[with individual difference and palette sequence error automatic compensation] Desktop type dispensing robot 350PC Smart with 3D alignment
・[in materials filling power] Simple filling system FILLING MATE
・[in antibody filling to microflow path power] PIPETMASTER
・[in 2 liquid mixing dispensing power] 2 liquid mixing fixed-quantity dispense system MPP-3
・[most suitable for dispensing to cylindrical work] Desktop robot with rotating table

In addition, as we will display further new technology, new product, we have you arrive to our booth by all means, and please consult.

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Prior registration from this.

In addition, please feel free to contact to our business base of neighborhood as you distribute invitation from our business.