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Notification of branch location notation change in Thailand

Thank you very much for always favoring our product.

We guide as the location notation of area where there is our Thai branch by contact from local administration is changed below.

There is not change of phone number accompanied with this change and FAX number.

It is before change
No. 12 Soi Bangna -Trad25, Bangna, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

After the change
No. 12 Soi Bangna -Trad25, Bangnanuea, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

In addition, sending of article is possible in the former location notation for the time being,
Because there is fear that the former location notation cannot use by sudden administrative contact,
By Shinjo staying in the locale notation, we would appreciate your correspondence.
We change the location notation in our Web sequentially.

It is temporary for customer, but we cause inconvenience, nuisance and are very sorry.

We will try to be satisfied with Thai all branch employees, all of you sincerely.
To have patronage of redoubling in future; thank you for your cooperation.