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Announcement of Musashi Europe (the German branch) expansion move

Thank you very much for always favoring our product.
We show around Musashi Europe (the German branch) for duties expansion in being expanded, and moving.

So that, for all customers, encouragement, all of you are satisfied with improvement in further service
We will act as employee and agency all members.
We would appreciate your patronage of redoubling sequentially.

Commencing with Automative, in-vehicle parts, semiconductor implementation, electronic parts, medical care, Biotechnology, the field of food,
For FA, dispensing theme in liquid material of every field,
We will meet by wide dispensing head line up of MUSASHI.
Please call us.

<new address>
Marcel-Breuer-Str. 15, D-80807 Munich, Germany

<TEL, FAX number> As there is change, please confirm.
(49) 89-321996-06

When Japan calls, it becomes 010-49-89-321996-06.

(49) 89-321996-07

<the duties start date>
April 1, 2019