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Announcement of 2,019 interest exhibition exhibition

From Friday, July 26, 2019 to 27th Saturday
10:00-17:00 (most whole day 9: 00~16:00)

Echo dome

Display contents
We will display liquid control to contribute to efficiency about various production, plants in Nagano area and process improvement suggestion system.

・Articulated robot dispensing system "ArmJET"
・High speed, non-contact dispensing system "AEROJET"
・Super a very small amount of non-contact dispensing system "SUPER HI JET"
・Metal plate chopping system
・2 liquid dispensing system "MPP-3"
・Liquid gasket dispensing system "MOHNOMASTER"
・3D alignment dispensing system "350PCSMART"

Other than the above, we display new product and product of a lot of delivery results. Please see "liquid precisely control system" of Musashi by all means.

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