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Announcement of 2019 productronica exhibition

From Tuesday, November 12, 2019 to Friday, November 15
It is finished at 16:00 only on the last day of 09:00-18:00
Messe Munchen GmbH, Germany
HALL A3 No. 101

Display contents
Display demonstrates the highest FA, dispensing system contributing to adhesive, sealant in process of manufacture of every field in manufacturing, solder paste, high precision, small amount dispensing, the adhesion of 2 liquid mixing die material, the joining process in one place.

[conformal coating] Full Automation Substrate coating machine "FCD1000"
[high quality] Full Automation multi-purpose dispensing machine "FAD2500"
[new product] High speed, jet dispenser "SuperJet"
[the outstanding results] Jet dispenser "AeroJet"
[the highest peak of air-type dispenser] Fully digital control dispenser "SUPERΣCMIII"
[high precision] PC control image recognition Desktop robot "350PC Smart" belonging to
[high precision in-line-adaptive motion unit] "CROSSMASTER"
Very popular! 2 humoral heat radiation adhesive dispensing system "MPP-3"

Person having problem, productivity which is interested in where improvement and cost cut are examined, the highest Dispensing technology come to right or wrong, our booth for dispensing process.
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