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News about online meeting correspondence

Thank you very much for always using our product.

In us, on-line meeting performs correspondence of possible Web meeting system by infection measures of new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) and correspondence to new lifestyle.

Conventionally, I coped with on-line meeting, but will inform with remote work expansion some other time.

In addition, please confirm the nearest business base as you heard about correspondence of on-line meeting in each business base.

In addition, please feel free to contact to this as you accept than inquiry form about request of on-line meeting.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please cooperate with "request for online meeting" in entry column to input.

In addition, inquiry with telephone supports as before, too.

Musashi of FA, dispenser synthesis maker turn to problem that cannot be settled to solution with customer from nozzle to dispenser, Desktop robot of various dispense methods, robot at right angles, Full Automation coating applicator by single dispense mechanism and will make an effort.

It continues continuously and will try to be able to help customer.
To be able to have consultation by all means; thank you for your cooperation.

In addition, we would appreciate your noting that we cannot cope with request of on-line meeting about our sale not to hope for at all.