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Announcement of 2020 NEPCON ASIA exhibition cancellation

From Wednesday, August 26, 2020 to Friday, August 28

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China

※ We decided to cancel exhibition to this exhibition due to various circumstances.
About various places where visit to our booth was planned,
I'm very sorry.

Display contents
Including smart phone, wearable terminal, Automative, sensor, display demonstrates the highest dispensing system contributing to high precision, small amount dispensing, the adhesion in process of manufacture of every field, the joining process.
Please arrive to Musashi Engineering booth suggesting total solution from nozzle to Full Automation device.

※Product which we were going to display

[bestseller] Full Automation multi-purpose dispensing machine "FAD2500"
[conformal coating] Full Automation Substrate coating machine "FCD1000"
[in-line model robot at right angles] "CROSSMASTER-RX"
[high viscosity correspondence JET dispenser] "SUPER HI JET"
[non-contact solder paste coating] "SOLDERJET"
[non-contact PUR dispensing] "HOTMELT SUPERJET"
[2 humoral materials correspondence, mohnodispenser] "MOHNOMASTER"
[PC control image recognition function desk robot with] "350PCSmart"
[the highest peak of air pulse type dispenser] "SUPERΣCMIII"

In addition, please see our Web site by all means as you can confirm our product at the company Web site top.